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         Xingtai Jincheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd. Is a joint venture of China Hebei Jin Hui Tong Group and Korea Hansung Holdings Ltd .The company is located at Shahe city, Hebei China with 17.36 million US Dollars of registered capital and 100 million US Dollars of overall investment. The...  
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Our Product:  CD Bar 
What is CD Bar?
CD Bar is the abbreviation of “Cold Drawn Steel Bar”, also called “Bright Steel Bar”. Wire rod is drawn from ...
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June 17, 2009, the worker union of the company established.
  On June 17, 2009, the first worker u...
June 15, 2009, the Administration Dept. organized computer skill workshop to all employees in the No.2 meeting room..
  June 15, 2009, the Administration De...
June 10, 2009, Mr. Gao, the secretary general of party committee of Hebei province visited No.1 factory of the company and the product exhibition hall.
  June 10, 2009, Mr. Gao, the secretar...
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